With a new restaurant called The Cove coming to the shores of West Lake in Portage, we started getting very nostalgic about Jason's Cove in Portage.

The restaurant was located at 9110 Portage Road right on the shores of West Lake.

Jason's Cove closed in 1982. And while other restaurants occupied the space, and later a construction firm. The lakeside dining at Jason's is what will be remembered on that spot.

Some of the memories shared on the Vanished Kalamazoo Facebook page include:

It had awesome ambiance! Then we started going to Mountain Jack's. Then they closed.


I worked there in late 70's as bus girl. It was a wild place then. Waitresses used to fight over uneaten steak and lobster.


I ran the Salad Bar and used to make all the homemade dressings in a 5 gallon pail.

So what are your memories of Jason's Cove and will you by trying out the new Cove Lakeside Bistro when it opens?

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