A few years ago, Aerosmith fans were surprised when Steven Tyler said the band would be going on a farewell tour. Combined with the fact that the rockers haven't released an album since 2012's Music From Another Dimension!, the future of new Aerosmith music seemed unclear. Joe Perry has now commented on the matter, stating that they eventually will make another record.

Perry's most recent release was Hollywood Vampires's sophomore album, Rise, in June. "I had just finished working on my last solo album," he told Heavy Consequence. "So I had been in the studio for the three or four months before we started on the Vampires record, so I was already rolling in the studio."

According to the guitarist, Aerosmith spent about as much time working on the stage setup and live performance for their Las Vegas Deuces Are Wild residency, which started in April of this year, as they would recording an album. The tour, which has two upcoming dates in Atlantic City, N.J. before kicking back up in Vegas, commemorates the band's 50 year anniversary.

The production features a half hour of video clips of interviews from throughout the band's career, in addition to background stories on each of the members to show how they formed. There are also props and people running around in costumes reflecting themes from their records like Just Push Play, Nine Lives and Toys in the Attic.

"It doesn’t take much to get me going, I love to record. So, when the time is right, Aerosmith will come around to do another record," Perry affirms.

Loudwire spoke to the veteran rocker about Rise last month, and he was unable to give a comparison for playing in Vampires and Aerosmith. "If you told me I was gonna be in two headlining bands at this point in my life, I would have to say that you're crazy," he laughs. "Aerosmith — it's so unique to be in a band for 50 years, and know those guys and growing up with them. It's almost impossible to compare it. It goes so deep, we're like a family."

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