Joel Hansen is a food influencer and competitive eater specializing in large food adventures, food challenges, eating contests, and restaurant promotions, and recently made a stop at Noah's Smokehouse in Dearborn, Michigan in an attempt to take down and absolute gut-buster of a challenge, as he hyped himself up for the feat:

Using traditional Texas oak and smoking styles, we were in for an amazing Texas BBQ meal! We had previously taken on a similar smaller barbeque platter here about a year ago. However, as it is Texas BBQ, Noah's had to go big and go home, therefore creating the biggest BBQ challenge! Can we defeat this giant food challenge and get the meal for free? or will we be paying the $200 for this insane BBQ meal? Tune in to find out as we dive into some amazing Austin Texas traditional style BBQ.
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The challenge contains about 13lbs of brisket, beef ribs, smoked chicken, sausage, wings, BBQ sandwiches, burgers, coleslaw, and the worst part is he only has one hour to finish all the food. There are some serious challenges he's taken on in the past, but wither way you slice it that is 13 pounds of strait meat and carbs. One person was seriously inspired by this challenge:
ALL that food looks ABSOLUTELY amazing. Never was big on eating fat, but since watching you I have expanded my food choices and have realized the fatty parts are what makes it so juicy and tender. I've tried so many other things just because of you.

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