Comedian John Mulaney is bringing his "From Scratch" tour to Kalamazoo on Sunday, September 11th. Tickets go on sale this week, with pre-sales first, but the general ticket sale begins on Friday, April 8th. You can click here for the site for all the options. says the password for the pre-sale is "SACKLUNCH".

Mulaney has had a colorful career and life. He became a writer on Saturday Night Live in 2008, where he collaborated with several more-famous cast members, during which he created "Stefon" with Bill Hader. He was also a Weekend Update correspondent. He's done a run on Broadway with "Oh, Hello On Broadway", which subsequently has been shown on Netflix.

Mulaney's 2018 stand-up tour, Kid Gorgeous, ended up winning him Emmy Awards when it appeared on Netflix. He going to do a project for Disney with Andy Samberg, a reboot of the Chip and Dale series.

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"In December 2019, the critically acclaimed and Emmy nominated musical variety special John Mulaney & The Sack Lunch Bunch debuted on Netflix. It was recently announced that festivities will continue with a pair of holiday-themed Sack Lunch Bunch specials coming to Comedy Central in the near future", according to the announcement of the Kalamazoo show.

Mulaney's life is never boring, having done re-hab a couple of times, and having fathered a child with Olivia Munn, Aaron Rodgers' ex. And his parents went to college with former President Bill Clinton. Most of this is fodder for his stand-up routine, and that's what you can expect at the State in September.

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