Inducted in to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2017 as frontman for Yes, Jon Anderson is back with a brand new solo album 1000 Hands.  He chatted with Mike McKelly and Stefani Bishop in the Rocker Morning Show about the new album and what it's like working with his new band.

"I was on tour last year with 1,000 Hands Band," he started, "and I would say this: '2020 is just going to be like 1960.' The 60s is when things changed. We're going to have such a big change happening in this world. The marching that went on in the 60s about Vietnam about everything - from Black Lives Matter even then - was very important. The big change is coming its really very powerful. And this virus is a way of waking up into the next millennium, the next ten years and see how we can make this earth a better place for our children and our grandchildren and so on and so forth."
Although he's been performing for over 40 years, his iconic voice is still very much the same. "I'm very, very blessed. I'm singing every day. I love singing. I'm writing music every day. Since I've been home for four months I've been working on a lot of music that needed to get finished." A lot of music including 1000 Hands. "This album '1,000 Hands' we started 30 years ago and my voice sounds the same."
His newest band is comprised of talented performers from various generations, but they have one very important thing in common. "They're dedicated, which is one thing that I am, and I love a band of musicians who listen to my ideas and fulfill the ideas and enjoy doing it. The band is fantastic."
Check out the complete Rocker Morning Show interview with Jon Anderson below.

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