Many if not all know of my affection for Three Oaks, MI.  The stories are well known and one of them inspired the now famous t-shirt: "Three Oaks- I Spent A Week There One Night".  Other than the legacy of decadence and debauchery of my early 30s there hasn't been much coming out of "The Oaks".  Now, however, that stain could be erased with the successful Journeyman Distillery.

We received word from the West Michigan Tourist Association that Journeyman Distillery displayed some of their wares recently and the world took notice.  The Seattle International Spirit Awards recognized Journeyman Distillery with 4 awards from the Artisan Collection consisting of Rye Whiskey, Vodka and Gin which swept the competition with medals ranging from Best In Class and Double Gold for their Vodka and Gold & Silver for their Rye and Gin.  Find out more about Journeyman and the collection that took the world by storm by clicking HERE.


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