Last week I got to have a video chat with a drummer whose music with Judas Priest has been a saving force in my life. Scott Travis made his debut with Judas Priest in 1990 on the album Painkiller, which was the last album lead vocalist Rob Halford would appear on for 15 years until returning on the album Angel of Retribution.

Scott has had a tremendous career and we were lucky enough to get a little bit of his time to talk about everything from the band being inducted into the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame this year, to some of his favorite Michigan shows, some of his favorite bands to tour with and give an update on the health of Richie Faulkner.

The return of the Metal Gods to Kalamazoo was imminent and only a matter of time, but now it has come true. Judas Priest announced back in June they'll once again rock Kalamazoo at the Wings Event Center on Friday, October 21st, 2022. For fellow hardcore Kalamazoo fans, you'll remember seeing 107.7 RKR in the State Theatre Marquee inside the booklet of their 1998 Live Album Live Meltdown.

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Priest is getting geared up for their tour which is set to kick off on October 13th, and in the interview below Scott also talks about his entry in the band, and also how the recording process of the new, upcoming album has gone and how they wrote/record it differently from their previous albums. Enjoy the interview!

Judas Priest July 15th at Freedom Hill, 2015

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