When Ted Nugent dropped by a Battle Creek bar, jaws dropped. Rockers were shocked when ZZ Top's Dusty Hill died and Olde Peninsula closed for good in July of 21.

As we begin a hopeful new year in 2022, we take a look back at the biggest stories of 2021 here in Kalamazoo, around Michigan, and across the rock and roll world. These were the big stories in July of 2021 that everyone was talking about.

Rock Stars in the News

  • Ted Nugent is a polarizing figure, but he's like family here in Michigan, so we have to love him. The regulars loved it when the Nuge stopped by Barbey's Bar in Bedford, just north of Battle Creek in early July 2021.
  • Adios, amigo. Dusty Hill suddenly passed away on July 28, just 11 days after his last Michigan show with his compadres in ZZ Top.
  • Cinderella played Michigan a lot back in the day. The '80s band's guitar player Jeff LaBar died on July 14, no cause of death has yet been disclosed.

Country + Concert = COVID

  • Concert-goers brought home more than a selfie and a hangover from Michigan's Faster Horses Festival. Initially, at least 17 cases of COVID-19 infections were reported- that number ballooned to 83 by August.

Local Business Closings Continue

A Rocker Tradition Restarts

The WRKR Rocker Classic Car is Picked Up By Its Winner, James Barringer of Portage.

WRKR Classic Car is Picked Up By Contest Winner James Barringer of Portage, Michigan.
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Rocker Classic Car + Van Halen 2

Gilmore Car Museum was the setting as RKR and Butler Body Shop unveiled the Rocker Classic Car



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