Rockers react to the insurrection in DC kicking off a wild 2021. Family Video closed, but Food Dance didn't See the biggest Kalamazoo stories from January 2021.

As we begin a hopeful new year in 2022, let's take a look back at the biggest stories of 2021 here in Kalamazoo, around Michigan, and across the rock and roll world. These were the big stories in January of 2021 that everyone was talking about.

Trump Supporters Storm the Capital

  • The January 6 riots at the Capitol in Washington DC set the tone for a turbulent year. Paul Stanley called the mob "terrorists," and we can't print what Tommy Lee said. Ted Nugent had a different perspective. See how rockers reacted to the events.

Family Video Announces they are Closing all Stores

Food Dance Considers Permanently Closing

  • As Michigans' restaurant shutdown was extended, Food Dance, like many other locally-owned restaurants was forced to consider shutting the doors for good. Thankfully, after more than 25 years, Food Dance is still open downtown Kalamazoo.

This is NOT an Arcade

  • After proposing over Christmas, Bobby Guy went shopping for engagement rings to make it official and was disgusted by what passes for an arcade these days. Bring back Aladdin's Castle and the Fun Factory!

The Detroit Lions are Rebuilding

Other stories that made headlines online in January 2021 include the announcement that Battle Creek is getting another Aldi's, and a look back to the time when there was a jail at Bronson Park. The last survivor of Lake Superior's deadliest shipwreck died in January 2021, and a massive memorial mural to Eddie Van Halen was unveiled at Guitar Center in Hollywood. February would bring massive changes right here at Kalamazoo's Rock Station. Stay tuned...

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