There seems to be some confusion with a recent policy change in Kalamazoo, so let's clear this up... Pooping and Peeing in Public in the City of Kalamazoo has NOT been Legalized!

A lot of attention has been put on recent changes to city violations, specifically one pertaining to public urination and defecation.

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During a City Commission meeting, several city violations were discussed regarding lessening their charges, which also included littering, abandoning refrigerators and similar containers, Abandoning inoperable or wrecked motor vehicles and vehicle parts, restrictions on use of barbed wire and electric fences, and smoking bans in parking ramps.

But the one EVERYONE is talking about is that public urination change.

We wrote about the possibility of this change earlier in the month, that the city was considering lessening the charge from a misdemeanor, to a civil infraction.

During a recent Commission meeting, the city finalized the change, and took away misdemeanor charges for public urination.

A post from the City of Kalamazoo clears it up pretty easily...

"We can't believe we have to say this, but IT IS STILL ILLEGAL to poop and pee in public in Kalamazoo. Contrary to some reports, the City Commission did not legalize this. The City lowered the penalty by making it a municipal civil infraction - which means it is illegal & subject to a ticket and fine - but it will no longer be a part of someone's permanent criminal record. This is part of an effort to decrease the long-term punitive effects of some offenses."

I'm not sure what "some reports" they're talking about, because we were clear, that this was only a lessening of charges for the infraction.

So now that we're all on the same page... NO... Public Pooping and Peeing is NOT LEGAL in Kalamazoo.

This has been a (somehow necessary) Public Service Announcement.

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