More details have been released related to a disturbing incident involving a woman who is accused of viciously attacking her own mother. It took place in Kalamazoo Township during the early morning hours on February 25.

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WWMT obtained probable cause court documents that indicate Alexis VanDusen has been charged for assault with intent to murder. VanDusen allegedly stabbed her 51-year-old mother and then proceeded to light her hair and face on fire.

The daughter reportedly called 9-1-1 just after 4:30 a.m. that day and made claims that her mother was holding a knife and attacking her. Police responded to the residence on Melrose Avenue after that call came in.

When officers arrived at the scene, VanDusen was said to be holding her mother to the floor. She also had several wounds and was moaning in pain. The mother told investigators her daughter had been using meth which was contributing to her behavior.

The documents obtained by WWMT also show that the incident started earlier in the morning at around 3:00 a.m.. The mother apparently had gone downstairs at the home to grab some rolling papers for her daughter, leading to the initial attack. The documents say that VanDusen squirted her with rubbing alcohol and then grabbed a lighter and ignited her face and hair. She then is accused of grabbing a knife from her mom and stabbing her with it three times. The mother was eventually able to regain control of the knife.


VanDusen's mother recovered from the stab wounds, but one of the stab wounds was dangerously close to puncturing a lung. She said VanDusen has been telling her all night long that she was going to kill her. VanDusen was arrested and taken to the Kalamazoo County Jail.

When police later searched the home, they located the knife and the bottle of rubbing alcohol in the basement that were allegedly used in the crime. VanDusen faces several charges related to the attack.

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