One of my favorite things to do with my dad, still to this day, is go to a Drum Corps show. For those unaware, the Drum and Bugle Corps is essentially a Marching Band on steroids, with no woodwinds. Corps will field anywhere between 75 and 250 members on the field, and produce a WALL of sound that will literally knock you back.

The Corps is fielded from all over the country, and travel the U.S. to perform during the Summer. Most of the participants are high schoolers and college kids, and Kalamazoo just happens to have one of these Corps, but it's in danger of possibly going away.

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We were a musical family. All of us sang, and all of us played instruments. So during the summers, when the Drum Corps shows came through town, we would go. Watching the Blue Devils, the Santa Clara Vanguard, or one of my favorites, the Phantom Regiment, based out of Rockford, Illinois, was like seeing Metallica, or Iron Maiden come through your town... but as a marching band.

And just like any concert you go to, there's typically an opener - bands who aren't as big but still good enough to be on the bill. The Kalamazoo Legends are (were) essentially that. But to call them an "opener" is a bit insulting because they are (were) still amazing.

Sadly, though, their 2022 performance may be their last for a while... or maybe even their last ever. CEO for Legends, Ibe Sodawalla made a statement on social media...

"The escalating costs to operate a touring corps continue to show no signs of reversal and while we always do our best to find a way, the current economic and global conditions will be a challenge that will take more resources to provide a  quality experience.
"As the founder of the corps, this organization is one I take great pride in and I've seen the impact we make to everyone involved. The decision to be inactive is one that is not easy to make, and is necessary for us to strengthen our foundation, limit our risk, and revisit our strategic plan moving forward."

Legends was founded in 2001 as an indoor winter and brass percussion ensemble at Portage Central High School, but added color guard in 2006, and performed in exhibition at several DCI shows in their history.

"We would like to thank Legends 2022 for being with us on our relaunch. You are truly a special team that inspired many and helped to identify the strengths and weaknesses in this next era of the activity. And to those that expressed interest in Legends 2023, we great appreciate that you had considered us for your experience."

In 2022, Legends performed their show "May Your Light Shine Forever" for Drum Corps International's 50th Anniversary at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. The show is a tribute to the history of the corps in Michigan, and the people who have supported them. Legends came off of a two-year hiatus (including the pandemic) last season and dedicated the show to three people who were strong supporters, and contributors to the program.

With the possibility of the corps dissolving, it seems fitting, that the final words said during their final performance (which were dedicated to their lost supporters), may also ring true for the Corps.

"You Are Gone, But Not Forgotten...
May Your Light Shine Forever."

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