Just how bad a problem is rats in West Michigan? The region including Kalamazoo, Battle Creek and Grand Rapids is among the top 50 worst metro areas in the country for rat infestation.

Pest control company Orkin recently released a survey of the 50 worst cities in America for rats.

Chicago ranked 1st on the list.

3 locations from Michigan made the top 50 with Detroit coming in as the 9th rattiest city in America. Kalamazoo-Battle Creek-Grand Rapids was 33rd while Flint-Saginaw-Bay City ranked 41st.

Rats in West Michigan

Think there aren't big rats in West Michigan? This video on YouTube proves otherwise, showing a large rat hiding under a shipping pallet somewhere in Grand Rapids.

Rats at Pets

Of course some people see rats and mice more as pets rather than a nuisance. The Great Lakes Fancy Rat Association promotes keeping rats as pets. In fact, rats are raised as pets in areas known at a rattery. One of Michigan's longest established ratteries is the Rat Dippity Rattery located in Kalkaska.

BONUS VIDEO - Fly Over the Abandoned Parchment Paper Factory

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