Kalamazoo erupted this morning after a mini van was spotted grill-deep in freshly filled cement that was poured into a hollowed out square in the construction zone on Riverview Drive. A lot of people had taken the news as a situation of someone trying to "cheat" construction or get around it quicker, and this being a case of karma catching up to them. But upon arriving to the scene I notice a gathering of 3 people, all at least in their 70's who were standing by the car as it was being towed.

Now this public roasting seems to have taken a different turn, as this may have been a judgmental error and a case of the driver not realizing the block was freshly poured concrete and made the mistake of turning onto the wrong side of the cones.

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A police cruiser was on the scene as well as a tow truck at around 10:30 Thursday morning to help pull the van out out of the cement. When they finally were able to remove it, the entire front side and under carriage were soaked in wet cement, and there is no information currently about whether the van will need proper repairs or if the driver in question will be ticketed for the occurrence.

When someone brought up whether the driver will have to pay to fix the road, one resident believes there's good reason it could happen:

I imagine she will as there is cost for labor and materials. Not to mention the fuel to drive a cement truck back out there.

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