As winter FINALLY starts to peek out across Michigan (sans a couple early snowstorms and a blizzard), people are starting to finally hunker down and dig in for the winter, and nothing soothes the soul better than good, old-fashioned comfort food.

Seriously, there's nothing better than a solid Grilled Cheese and tomato soup kind of dinner. But maybe you're not feeling up to cooking at home, or you lack some of the necessities to make these awesome favorites in winter. Not to worry, there are plenty of spots around town that can warm the soul on a wintery day.

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It's a foregone certainty, that when it snows outside, I'm reaching into the pantry for one of two meals - Tomato Soup (with grilled cheese sandwiches) or Mac and Cheese. There's something about those meals that just sticks to the ribs, and warms you up on a cold day.

Some comfort options are quick and easy to make. But then, you also have the slow-cook comforts of a roast or a stew that requires some fairly regular attention. And we live in a time when time, and patience, aren't always available to us.

So, we look to others - namely area restaurants - to fill that void, and MAN does Kalamazoo have some good Comfort food spots.

Obviously, there are more than five comfort food spots around town, and different people have different opinions on what "comfort Food" really is. But what I've got below just happens to be five of my favorites... but I'm always willing to try new things.

Let me know if I've left one of your favorites off the list.

The Five Best 'Comfort Food' spots in Kalamazoo

There's a lot of options around Kalamazoo for Comfort Food, but these just happen to be five of the best.

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