Is it just me or did it seem like smooth sailing for advocates of the legalization of marijuana in Michigan come November?  In the last week city officials from around the state expressed their concern and just the other day we found out that Law Enforcement and Prosecutors from around Michigan released a list of why they too are concerned about how the behavioral landscape will change should legalization pass.

As we get closer to election day the rhetoric will certainly heat up on both sides and coming up on Monday The Kalamazoo County Substance Abuse Task Force will be holding a Town Hall meeting which touts "Everything You Need To Know About Marijuana".  it's free and open to the public of course.  The place is The Kalamazoo Public Library 315 S. Rose Street in the Van Deusen Room on the 3rd floor starting at 6:00pm.  There will be expert panelists and refreshments and snack provided.  Check out more information on the Town Hall below...

A Community Townhall:
Everything You Need To Know About Marijuana

What's the big deal about marijuana?

In today's society, use of drugs is often normalized. People may wonder what they need to know about marijuana, and parents may wonder if it could have an impact on their teen, but it can be difficult to find factual information. The Kalamazoo County Substance Abuse Task Force wants to invite community members to our educational Townhall. A panel of experts will weigh in on the impact of marijuana use, and attendees will have the opportunity to ask the experts any questions they may have. 

Panelists Include: Local Educator, Local Law Enforcement, Local Doctor, Substance Use Disorder Treatment Professional, and a Substance Use Prevention Professional. 

Correction from Previous Invitation: There will not be a representative from the Office of National Drug Control Policy at the event. Craig Summers, a 36 year veteran of law enforcement will be speaking at the event. Mr. Summers currently holds a position as the Executive Director of the Michigan HIDTA program, but will be speaking on his own behalf.









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