Normally on Mondays I like to do Kalamazoo Facebook Marketplace Marvels but today I wanted to talk about one particular listing I found and that was for a woman who makes customized drinking board games for people. I figured since the pandemic began a lot of people have been trying to pass the time somehow, a lot of whom have been consuming alcoholic beverages. The boards caught my eye and wanted to get a little more information, so I reached out to the seller.

Whit Sanchez-Smith started these last year and since has sold over 20 customized boards. With the help from her friend Andrea, she's been putting out orders and received positive feedback from her work. I asked her how exactly she came up with the idea:

It was just a game I made for myself and my friends, I posted it and people started asking for them! I’ve sold about 15-20 so far and it takes about 2 hours maybe longer to make .

When I enquired more, she told me exactly how much the boards can be customized:

I ask what they want it to be called, any specific colors or game spaces they do or don’t want then I do whatever my mind tells me to do.

You can view the listing for the game boards here as they are marked at $30 per board. Below is a gallery of some of the boards she has sold so far. No doubt this is the kind of creativity people are finding themselves almost a year into the pandemic.

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Kalamazoo Woman's Custom Drinking Games Boards


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