We're getting into one of the most celebrated times of the year. The 3 and a half month period where Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and the holidays all come together to wrap up the year. As we get into Fall this year, we're seeing more businesses staying open, things starting to loosen up just a bit, and more things to do around Kalamazoo that are fall related. We wanted to compile a solid check list so that you don't forget anything when it comes to enjoying the Fall weather and season.

There are plenty of things to do outside of the Kalamazoo area as well, and there are even some places not too far away that are perfect for watching the leaves change colors. Kalamazoo cider mills are getting ready for the heavy flow of customers, there's even pop up fall themed picnics you can reserve. With that being said, let's run down the list:

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Kalamazoo Bucket List 2021

Here is what Kalamazoo thought should make this year's bucket list of things to do in Fall...

There are lots of different places in Michigan to enjoy the fall colors, and also some great places to pick apples as well. Between festive fall activates and even transitioning into the spookier stuff for Halloween, this is going to be a good Fall. To keep on top of ALL things fall going down in the Southwest Michigan area, and throughout Michigan in general, make sure you check out the Fall 2021 page here.



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