If you've driven up on Gull Road recently, you've seen the activity out front of the old Family Video building, the first action ANY Family Video has seen in at LEAST a year since all of them closed permanently in January of 2021.

But with property at a premium lately, it was just a matter of time before SOMETHING made its way into that space.

Right now, it's still the familiar shell of a Video rental store, but with a couple portapotties and a large dumpster out front. So let the speculation begin... what's going in there?

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I have some ideas:


Over 400 Marijuana Stores Ordered To Close As City Regulates Industry
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I mean, this seems like the most obvious answer right now. SO many marijuana establishments popping up in Michigan. Even a "Green Mile" making its presence known in the Battle Creek area. So why NOT turn this into a dispensary? Seems fitting the place that once GAVE us anxiety (seriously, it took me hours to pick a movie back in the day), to be a place to relieve anxiety.


Blockbuster Video Profits Are Down As Viacom Pulls Out Of Chain
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OK, THIS one isn't very likely, but hear me out. It's already fit and built to be a movie rental place, and since that documentary aired on Netflix, "The Last Blockbuster," there's been interest in the old chain. Who's to say its return isn't iminent!! A coat of blue and yellow paint, install a new popcorn machine, and BAM... the return of Blockbuster starts right here in Kalamazoo!


Micro-breweries Popularity Declines
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THIS probably would be my favorite option. I know there's already a LOT of breweries in town, but what's one more to choose from, right? AND right down the road from our station, I could literally (almost) walk from work to get a pint on my lunch break... just gotta clear that one with the boss.


Dollar General Fourth Quarter Earnings Beat Estimates
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Because... I mean, they're on every other corner, aren't they? My home town in Kansas has MAYBE 1,200 people living in it. They have a gas station, a bar, a restaurant, two grain elevators, and a Dollar General.


Fireworks For Sale Ahead July 4th Holiday
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It's NEVER too early to set up shop for the Fourth of July.


Texas Struggles With Unprecedented Cold And Power Outages
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Some people up in this part of the country might not know what this is, but when I lived in Oklahoma and Texas, they were EVERYWHERE. Old School, made fresh flat grilled onion burgers. Lemme tell you, there's nothing better at 3 am than a double Whataburger with cheese, bacon, and jalapenos, large fry (with the spicy ketchup... a must), and a Dr. Pepper shake... *chef's kiss*

The only thing that makes me think this is even REMOTELY an option, is because the chain was bought by a company in Chicago last year, and they're already expanding into the Kansas City area, laregely due to the influence of KC Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes, who spent time at Texas Tech. So... idk, maybe he got to Eric Fisher while he was on the team (originally from Rochester), and convinced him to open some franchises in the Mitten.


attachment-Untitled design (6)

I know it's not even CLOSE to Halloween yet, but why not get ahead of the curve. Not to mention, Spirit Halloweens move into LITERALLY any space they can around spooky season. I once saw a Spirit Halloween move into an old Mexican Restaurant, which was great because every purchase came with free chips and salsa.

Just a few guesses, but what do YOU think is going in there?

Gull Road in Kalamazoo, the "wash" capital of Kalamazoo, Michigan

The washes along Kalamazoo's Gull Road.


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