It’s quite a shame how often America seems to tear down historical buildings. For as much preservation as we put into certain areas and architecture, it also seems like we tear a lot of them down, especially when you compare it to Europe, where it seems like there is more of a concerted effort to keep these historical buildings alive.

Recently in Kalamazoo, we lost yet another historical building that many feel was not only in savable shape but added life to an area, that is vastly becoming bland, because of Bronson‘s expansion. The building at the center of the discussion is the old Fifth Third Bank, and the people at Heritage Architectural Salvage & Supply aren't too happy about it.

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Old Kalamazoo Fifth Third Bank Building Brought Down

As they mention in their post, although it's not a historic building per se, it had the elements of a timeless building and was an attractive asset to the community:

It was a perfectly restorable building but apparently, Bronson didn’t think so. I’d like to know what their plans are . Parking or some generic office building? It was one of the nice views you had of an otherwise unattractive entry into Downtown. Now it will be an empty lot as Bronson continues to gobble up property in that area. Not only do we lose an attractive building but we lose the tax revenues. . I love Kalamazoo but at times I hate it!

Are you upset that they decided to tear it down or do you not think it's that big of a deal?

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