We like to think that our Kalamazoo here in Michigan is the go-to Kalamazoo in the world, and for the most part I would say that the statement is pretty accurate. We've had some serious influence all over the world and our city's name has been name-dropped or shouted out by so many different sources it's hard to keep track of sometimes. But one popped up recently that I just couldn't get out of my head. I needed to find out why there was a restaurant in the country of Jordan in the Middle East named Kalamazoo Grill.

I reached out to them, not expecting a response because, after all, they are on the other side of the planet in a completely different culture and language than our own. To my surprise, I got a response, and it turns out our influence's strength carried its way all the way over there. I asked them through messenger why they named their restaurant after Kalamazoo?

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Hello Mark, One of the previous owners studied there and we kept the same name.

Pretty crazy that studies here made that much of an impact on someone enough that even the new owners carry on the legacy to today.

Which Kalamazoo Grill Are You Looking For?

Apparently, there is another grille named after Kalamazoo as someone apparently said they discovered a place called Kalamazoo Chop House' in Ghana, which was in the middle of nowhere. I tried tracking down a location for them but came up with nothing. Have you ever heard of another Kalamazoo diner in another country? Let us know!

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