The Kalamazoo Growlers organization, and really, the entire Northwoods League has faced challenges during the pandemic, making sure the experience for the fans is both safe and fun, while limiting how many tickets can be sold. The Growlers in particular have faced other challenges along the way, including repairs needed to their Left Field deck, after a tree collapsed on it during then off season, crushing a portion of the back end. Luckily nobody was around when it happened, and they were able to get it all patched up, as you can see.

Through all the hardships, Brian Colopy , one of the managers for the Growlers, is saying that there's a lot to be thankful about and is excited for the upcoming season, the only unfortunate thing for fans is, they may have a hard time finding a ticket to this seasons' games.

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Kalamazoo Growlers
Kalamazoo Growlers

Why Will Growlers Tickets Be Scarce This Year

Brian told me in a message that:

We are way ahead of ticket sales from previous years. We have two years of people rolled over into 2021 and are already selling out of games. Couple that with some limited capacity, it’s going to be hard to get a ticket this summer.

How Do I Get Tickets To 2021 Growlers Games Before They Sell Out

As of now Plans A, B, & C have sold out so fast they've opened up a Plan D, but those are very limited. Anyone on the Priority List will get the first chance to reserve their spot as soon as Plan D opens up at 9 am on Tuesday, March 16th.

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