The popular Kalamazoo Speedway race is about to mark its 30th anniversary, and proposed changes to the Kalamazoo Klash have race fans divided.

Tradition is a big part of racing. For decades in NASCAR, cars with family names like Petty, Pearson, Jarrett, and Allsion were parked in victory lane week after week. Then it was the clans of Elliot, Wallace, Waltrip and Labonte that later moved aside for the Buschs and  Earnhardts. Race fans love their legends and they say "don't mess with success."

For nearly 30 years, the Kalamazoo Klash has been an annual event at the fastest 3/8 mile paved track in the world. The idea was to draw late model drivers from across the Midwest to one prestigious event at Kalamazoo Speedway.  Local drivers flock to tracks in their area every Friday and Saturday night to dash for cash, but the Kalamazoo Klash was different. Held on a Wednesday night, it opened up the field to drivers who might have weekend commitments but could take some time off from the day job to do what they love: drive fast and turn left.

Kalamazoo Speedway has proposed moving the race to a Saturday night in 2022 and while the green flag doesn't drop on the season until April, fans are fired up now. Some think the move is a great idea and others fiercely defend tradition. Here is the Kalamazoo Speedway's Facebook post asking about a change and some of the comments.

We have the 30th Annual Kalamazoo Klash coming up in 2022!

And we've been thinking it's time for a change!

How about we try a SATURDAY NIGHT?

Less time to get off work, no reason to have to leave early after the race... let's just get together, race some cars, tell some stories, and give a trophy away at the end of the night.


  • I'm old school, if it ain't broke why fix it.
  • Excellent idea! Should get more out of towners, or out of staters that would come back for the race.
  • I've always liked Wednesday personally. Don't ruin a great thing its been working great for years.
  • Bad idea for many reasons why mess with something that has been working for many years
  • Saturday is perfect! Bring in new fans who now can travel on a weekend. Give them a taste of the Zoo has to offer and get them to come back. Great big picture thinking on this one !! kudos to you all.
  • Too many conflicts on a Saturday night. Easier to miss work to attend.
  • Saturday night sounds good plain and simple
  • Always something else on a weekend. Wednesday worked out great!
  • That is awesome never did like for Wednesday night race like you said it's time for a change

The only thing you can count on is everyone having an opinion. Get more on the incredible history of the Kalamazoo Klash here and take a look at highlights from 2021 in the video below.

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