Every time I see a city featured on some kind of item with a slogan, I start to wonder where it is or how it was that the city got that slogan. Personally, I love "Yes, There Really Is A Kalamazoo." By now I think everyone and their mom knows that we indeed are a real place. But there are still some seriously goofy slogans for our state and one for Kalamazoo that I thought was particularly dumb.

A slogan that just screams "We are as basic as they come" was apparently once used for a postcard for Kalamazoo and I'm scratching my head trying to find the appeal of our one-time slogan as it indicates, "The City That Does Things."

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Spoiler Alert

I really hate to give you a spoiler here but the things that this postcard indicated, it involved...stuff. Ya, what the heck kind of a slogan was that for Kalamazoo? What things did we do that required our advertising to be so vague? It sounds like the city used to be a drug dealer or a hitman. "We do things...like that thing you asked me to take care of."

Funny enough this may not even be the worst slogan in the state. Check out these other hack jobs:

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