We all know that Kalamazoo has a lot of history and that you can even go on a sweet haunted walk which talks about the haunted history of our city, but we aren't the only ones who are realizing this fact. Paranormal researcher, John E.L. Tenney of WeirdLectures.com has once again identified Michigan’s Top 10 Most Haunted Cities. They describe the method on which Tenney picked the cities on the site, stating:
"All the cities on Tenney’s list have incredible histories to share. Self-guided walking tours are a fun, relaxing, and healthy way to see these communities. Every year, some citizens worry needlessly about the list, which has become a “rite” of the Halloween season. But not to fear, Tenney says. “The only thing some residents are really afraid of is if this list will have an effect on the marketability and value of the homes in their community. The reality of the situation is that researchers and scientists would pay anything to get their hands on a truly haunted house.”

These are the 2019 results.
(2018 rankings in parentheses)
1. Detroit (2)
2. Traverse City (3)
3. Grayling (-)
4. Kalamazoo (4)
5. Ann Arbor (5)
6. Troy (6)
7. Hamtramck (1)
8. Flint (7)
9. Novi (10)
10. Mount Clemens (8)

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