Kalamazoo has changed so much throughout the years, that it's always exciting when I stumble upon a forgotten piece of our cities' history, or when we can take a step back in time to enjoy what the city used to be like. Kalamazoo was a much different place 70 years ago and even 40 years ago. One person was able to gather a video which allows you to basically visually time travel through the decades, as they describe what you can expect:

These vary from 1950's, starting with East Main and 30th streets. Then a dip at Campbell lake, back when you could boat on it. Then how about a slide down the toboggan run at Echo Valley or the imposter that got shut down?. Air show at the Kalamazoo Airport featured the Air Forces Thunderbirds. Then the bears at the little zoo at Milham park was always a crowd pleaser with the raccoons, monkeys, exotic birds.


The final part of the footage is of downtown Kalamazoo just after the tornado hit in 1980. It looks like the film was shot at Farmers Alley, Behind Gilmore's, as well as at Bronson Park.

Zoo In Kalamazoo

I wasn't lucky enough to enjoy The Milham Park Zoo before it was finally closed down in 1977, but a picture that was posted to a Facebook page made me feel like we really missed out and wishing we could enjoy having something like that today. Unfortunately at the time, there was supposedly a lot of abuse the animals would get from visitors, which contributed to its closing.

Enjoy the video below

Colorized Pictures of Early Kalamazoo That Will Blow Your Mind



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