Recently a friend of mine expressed interest in moving to Ann Arbor from Colorado. That is until he visited me and began exploring Kalamazoo as a place to live.  I knew he was impressed with our big little town and after running down a list of all the opportunities that Kalamazoo had to offer him, I think I might just have him convinced.  

Now if it just weren’t for that pesky Ann Arbor.   

Here are his stats. 39 Years old, Married, two smaller children. Profession: Respiratory therapist.   

Of course, I would love to see him move here with his family but I understand he has to do what is best for them and not meBut man, work opportunities in his chosen profession are just as abundant here in Kalamazoo as they are in Ann Arbor.  Commute time is easy too with many roads and highways.  The downtown Kalamazoo dining and entertainment night life is second to none.  Breweries, local festivals and local businesses are all community supported, giving everyone a great sense of pride toward our small city with big city opportunities. 

Loaded with parks and lakes, no-where can you step just outside the city limits and immediately be surrounded by rural hiking and biking trails.  The gorgeous and serene lakes around here offering up boating, canoeing and kayaking.  Closer proximity to Lake Michigan and major cities like Chicago and Indianapolis takes living here, next level.   

I’m sure I’m missing a lot more reasons why Kalamazoo is the better choice over Ann Arbor so I could really use your help. If you have a minute or two, please add in anything advantages I missed. I want to accumulate several pages of why he should move here over Ann Arbor and I think between all of us, we can build quite a case. In the meantime, I’ll cross my fingers and thank you in advance.    

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