I have a Pure Michigan dream, something that's always been on my bucket list: I want to see the sunrise over Lake Huron and the sunset over Lake Michigan in the same day.

It's doable, right? The only reason I haven't crossed it off my to-do list yet is because I haven't yet found the right time to be in Lake Huron at the crack of dawn. It's just a matter of putting in the effort to make it happen.

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In the meantime, I'll have to settle for catching the sunrise here in southwest Michigan. One Reddit user in Kalamazoo, u/DallasBeto asks,

Best place to watch the sunrise in Kalamazoo?

And you know Kalamazoo locals were quick to come to the rescue! Suggestions range from anywhere to downtown cityscapes to wide open nature views. Here were some of the responses:


Merkin Glen or Kal-Haven in areas where there's a clearing facing east provide beautiful morning views in nature.


Top of the Radisson Plaza Parking Complex, you can see so much with the beautiful colors cascading across the sky.


East Hall on WMU Campus is a good spot. Also if you're headed towards downtown on West Main. There's a sweet spot right by Henderson Castle that gives a good view. I've only ever caught it while driving but you can always park on the side street and see it also

East Hall

This answer seemed to pop up several times during the discussion, apparently WMU's East Hall is one of the best places in Kalamazoo to catch the sunrise. Though it now goes by the name Heritage Hall the building is located just off Oakland Drive.

What Time Does the Sun Rise?

As the days get shorter and the Fall Equinox approaches, the sunrise in southwest Michigan now takes place around 7:28 a.m. and sets around 7:41 p.m.-- this according to News Channel 3- WWMT.

It's necessary to step back and enjoy life's simple pleasures every now and then. Watching the sunrise is certainly one way to do that. Enjoy!

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