You might remember all the the experts from all the blogs, including one I did, saying that the Kalamazoo Winter forecast called for warmer than normal temperatures.  To most that's a good thing right?  However, I'd prefer a mild Fall, snow for Christmas, followed by enough snow for 3 weeks of sledding with the grand kids and then warm up.  Unfortunately, we live in Michigan and ,despite climate change, that probably won't happen.  But what I really don't want is warmer and rainier.  Let is snow.

Well according to our friends at Wood TV 8, they're not sold on the "warmer than normal" prediction.  In fact, they seem to be going all in on just the opposite.  They're calling for above average snowfall in the neighborhood of 85-90 inches, Temperatures averaging colder than normal.  There are several factors they point out that can be believed according to recent weather history.  Check out the predictions in detail by clicking HERE.



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