Sometimes there are happy endings. This might just be one of them. Soon after MacKenzie's Bakery closed in 2020, when the owners retired, a former Vicksburg native, who became a very rich person out in Seattle, announced he was buying the intellectual property (recipes, etc.) and was going to start with a wholesale bread operation, but with the idea in mind that you could also open a retail location. Well, now comes news that the retail location is going to become a reality, come Spring 2022.

(Google Street View)
(Google Street View)

For those that grew up in the Kalamazoo area, MacKenzie's bakery locations seem like they've been a part of our lives forever. There was the one at Westwood Plaza, and South Westnedge, and the one just off of Kalamazoo Avenue at Harrison and Ransom (complete with a new roundabout built a couple of years ago.)

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Just the thought of some warm, fresh bread with a "schmeer" of butter, and maybe a hot cup of coffee to wash it down sounds so good.

When Will They Open?

Preliminary construction and renovation work on 101 and 103 Prairie Street in Vicksburg has commenced and are hoping to open in spring of 2022. Word is that the plan is still to be a wholesale bread operation, but the retail side will also be a key component in the business plan.

The money behind the whole project is Vicksburg native Chris Moore, and after consulting with John MacKenzie, he hired two longtime MacKenzie's employees, Jill Younger and Cris Najar to be production manager and head baker, respectively.

“I couldn’t be happier with seeing the MacKenzie’s brand live on the way it will in Vicksburg. Chris Moore and his team are absolutely committed to doing things in top-notch fashion, so I can’t wait to see what the next iteration does for the region.” -John MacKenzie via


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