The New Year is right around the corner and more and more people are resolving to reach a goal, try something new, or finally cross something off their bucket list. I got on social media and asked Kalamazoo what they're resolutions are, and here's what they had to say:

Anne - "I'm going to try the spending fast. Still working out details, but definitely going to give it a shot."

Mark - "To get totally jacked and tan.

Mandi - "Keeping in touch with my friends other than via social media, spending more time with them etc."

RJ – "quitting smoking"

Seth - "I would like to become more cultured and give back to the community more."

Anette - "Finding a cause that my daughter and I share and dedicating time to it by either volunteering or raising awareness."

Kris - "Find a new better job"

Nikki - "To take control of my life and my happiness. Focus on my career and make a kickass website."

Jesse - "Save more money and getting better at brewing"

Rex - "I'm going to ride a Century."

Mariann - "Give up soda. *sniffles*"

Tina -  "I'm picking a word for the year again this year to help guide me to personal growth. This year's word is Intention."

Michael - "Surround myself more with the things that inspire me (biographies, documentaries, great stories, theatre and theatre artists)."

Ben - "To be more humble, losers"

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