I had no idea that actor Keanu Reeves was a bass player in his own band and apparently he’s going to be coming to Michigan later on this year. The band Dogstar is the band that the 58 year old actor plays bass for, and has for a long time.

It’s kind of funny because this band has been around for over 30 years and I’m just discovering it. They have a new album coming out in October called somewhere between the powerlines and palm trees and have already released the single called Everything Turns Around.
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The song is actually pretty good. Keanu Reeves has always been outstanding in the public eye, and this tour gives fans of his an opportunity to possibly run into him while he is on tour in December. The first show they play in the area is on Thursday, December 7 in Chicago at Thalia Hall and then on Friday, December 8 in Detroit at The Majestic Theatre.
This is also a good way to support somebody in a different field. He’s obviously doing this because he loves it and one look at people like jack black and you know that actors can also be successful musicians as well. I included a link to their new music video down below , and also a link so that you can pre-order the album if you’re into it.
Tickets for the tour have already gone on sale on the majestic theaters website.

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