90s nostalgia is the in thing, these days. From new episodes of Full House to a brand new DuckTales, from pixie cuts to braids, from bright neons to dark goth; it's all coming back, whether we like it or not. Even Crystal Pepsi jumped on the nostalgia train in 2016 to give the short-lived drink a new audience. So it shouldn't surprise anyone that Pop Tarts Cereal will be back on store shelves next year. I know what you're thinking; Kellogg's made a Pop Tarts Cereal? They did. Kellogg's debuted the cereal in 1994 only to discontinue it in 1995, and it's exactly how you imagine it; tiny, frosted, jelly-filled squares. They're 2019 launch will feature the two original flavors, Frosted Strawberry and Frosted Brown Sugar Cinnamon. If they're a success, who knows what other varieties could be in your cereal bowl, next!

Bonus Video: 2016 Return of Crystal Pepsi Review

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