As the summer approaches, you may wonder, "How do I keep my child interested in learning over the school break?" The probably obvious answer is summer camps!

There are a number of different kinds of camps whether they're art camps, adventure camps, day camps, sports, or educational enrichment camps. All of them are bound to create long-lasting memories as well as help your child stay mentally active during their break from school. And, they won't always have to travel far.

In Kalamazoo, a local non-profit called Steps to Victory holds a summer camp aimed at kids interested in STEAM or science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics. This year, however, they're adding a new tier of curriculum: entrepreneurship. And, it's free.

Steps to Victory's Summer Camp kicks off in July of this year (2022). Judging by their Facebook page, it looks like Steps to Victory offers both a camp and an after school program for kids grades 2-6 for free:

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Activities will include things from field trips to science experiments to gardening and even creating math-based quilts according to a recent article from

Why Entrepreneurship?

As mentioned above, entrepreneurship will be an added category to this year's summer camp. To some, it may seem like an out-of-place curriculum compared to things like engineering and science but, as mentioned by,

Kalamazoo kids who attend STEAME camp will ultimately be learning the skills to voice and execute their own ideas. This autonomy gained from entrepreneurship classes, in addition to maintaining math and reading skills, is intended to help them return to school in the fall with excitement for learning beyond the classroom.

Finding that autonomy can play a huge factor in their success. And, kids starting up their own businesses is becoming more and more popular. For example, Layla's Cool Pops, a business started by 15-year-old Layla W. Along with selling delicious treats, Layla's Cool Pops funds her non-profit, Sweets4Homeless, which helps financially support the homeless population in Kalamazoo. Read more of her story below:

Incredible, right? It all started with a 4th-grade project. Who knows? Your child could find the same kind of inspiration at camp.

The camp offered by Steps to Victory is free but, with limited availability. Registration is required. Find all information about Steps to Victory, what they offer, and their summer camp here.

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