The video games and pinball machines are still unplugged, but Klassic Arcade 2.0 will be scooping ice cream and selling their 200+ flavors of pop.

You can't get the high score, but you can satisfy your sweet tooth in Gobles. Klassic Arcade 2.0, like many other small businesses in Michigan, has been closed since the middle of March. They have been doing some no contact giveaways and selling soda pop and t-shirts by mail. Now that the Payroll Protection Program loan has been approved, the staff is back to work scooping ice cream and adding that 10 cent deposit to pop purchases. While owner Kevin Ketchum has been spending time with family and working on some of those hard-to-find-time-for projects, he was eager to put the staff back to work and do his part to help Gobles on the road back to reopening.

Don't get me wrong, I like ice cream and I always look through the case of over 200 different flavors of pop and get one for the road on the way home, but it's not the same. I have been a pinball fan as long as I can remember. I played Elton John's Captain Fantastic machine with my dad growing up and the Iron Maiden machine during league nights earlier this year. (Yes, pinball league is a 'thing,' just like bowling or dart leagues.) I was playing pinball at Klassic Arcade before they opened the second location and look forward to Pinball at the Zoo every year. I love pinball and can't wait until it is deemed safe for use to plunge the silver ball once again.

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