It seems like every spring and summer when people are finally getting back into the waters you hear about cases of choppy water sadly, taking the life of somebody who is not taking proper precautions. The Michigan Great Lakes will put out cautionary flags, which will indicate the dangerous tides and currents that can take over during rough weather.

Unfortunately, many people have ignored these signs, and this has led to loss of life, especially in Lake Michigan. I can remember many times over the past few years when waters were dangerous and unfortunately, somebody lost their life in Southwest Michigan off of the coast.
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This may be why Lake Michigan was recently named to be one of the 10 deadliest lakes throughout the entire world. Michigan beat out Cameroon, Russia, Costa Rica, New Zealand, Dominica, and California on the list of the deadliest lakes, according to Carved Culture:

4. Lake Michigan - USA

This beautiful lake is wonderful to look at, but when you get in, it is known for its spontaneous currents that can carry people far from the shore.

Should You Avoid Swimming In Lake Michigan?

You want to avoid swimming in the lake on days when the weather may be unpredictable because a shift in weather can also mean a shift in how strong the current becomes. I wouldn't outright avoid swimming in the Great Lake, but I always practice good decision-making when it comes to messing with Mother Nature.

There are plenty of other dangerous lakes in Michigan, so always be safe on the water and wear your floaties.

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