The story of the moth man is one of the more creepier urban legends out there. What was first documented as the original sightings in Point Pleasant, West Virginia in the late 1960s has spiraled into a tale that definitely gives you goosebumps. But it isn’t just West Virginia that has dealt with this anomaly.

There apparently have been sightings near Lake Michigan and the bordering states surrounding it. A documentary team called Small Town Monsters created a documentary where they interviewed people who spoke about these sightings that apparently took place in 2017. The sighting allegedly took place in Indiana, Michigan, and Illinois:

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Small Town Monsters launched their own investigation into the Mothman sightings that spread around Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan. Is the Mothman real? Seth Breedlove and Heather Moser pull at the threads of one of the most bizarre paranormal mysteries of the last decade. Along the way they interview witnesses and investigators, and even capture footage of a massive, winged being in downtown Chicago. What are people seeing? What does it mean? Is the Mothman simply an unidentified animal or a misidentified bird? Or is it something far more sinister?

Since that time, there have been little to no incidents involving the creature. Do you believe in the Mothman? Is it a demon, a devil, a bird, or just a figment of people's eyes? Until we get conclusive footage, it will continue to be a reason we look over our shoulders at night during Halloween.

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