Michigan and the Great Lakes region are known for many many things but one of the biggest occupations that fled thousands of workers to the state, especially in the 1800s was mine work. We know about the large salt basin that's underneath Michigan and all of the precious mineral mines like silver and copper that were worked on in both the upper and lower peninsula.

There is one such mine that is under Lake Superior, which has been completely flooded. The Silver Islet mine was located on the Canadian side of Lake Superior and two veins of pure silver were discovered in the 1860s into the 1870s that would eventually deliver $3.25 million worth of silver. Unfortunately in 1884 pumps holding back the waters from the lake, stopped, and the mine was completely flooded, all the way down to its deepest depth of 384 meters.
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But there appears to be more to the story, according to one person who claims that people from the underworld threatened mine workers after they discovered their magical, enchanting waters and city of gold:
The true story of all of these is that, Lake Superior flooded the ruins of Tartarian mega city, built with silver and gold for the most part of it, one of the many Cities of Gold in North America, and mining was abruptly discontinued when someone from the Underworld threatened them when they reached the dept of 384 metres, and when mining stopped, they flooded this Small Island altogether with the descending shafts so that no one can go down.

Don't Worry, It Gets Even Better...

The author continues his argument:
All Cities of Gold (also known as White Cities) had river springs coming directly from the underworld where the water was purified, energized, and structured before it was sent back to the surface of the earth, and in old myths and legends this water was called 'Living Water'. There are legends which say that initiated people from the Old World could have revived a dead person back to life again by proper treatment with this Living Water.
It's important to note this "author" thinks the Aurora Borealis is a powerful magnet known as Ruper Negra, or Mount Mery, an electro-magnetic Portal that teleports purified water from the Underworld to circulate the oceans and back again for treatment and purification. So...ya.

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