Recently the world learned of the passing of Hustler Magazine founder Larry Flynt. He led a flamboyant life as a pornographer and champion of First Amendment rights, as profiled in The People vs. Larry Flynt. His key connection to Michigan is likely the long-forgotten Hustler Club in the downriver Detroit suburb of Lincoln Park.

The club opened in 2009, but not without objections and licensing foot-dragging from the Lincoln Park city council and protests from area clergy.

According to a report from the Downriver News-Herald,

The club has been a hot topic for years, with heavy criticism coming from the Lincoln Park Ministerial Association.

Its members traveled to Lansing last week and presented the Liquor Control Commission with letters signed by about 1,000 people asking that the club not be allowed to open.

While that attempt was unsuccessful, the Rev. Daniel Russell, pastor of First Baptist Church of Lincoln Park, said he remains hopeful that the situation still could end the way he’d like it to.

“I think the Lincoln Park pastors are going to continue to pray that the Lord’s will be done and this business fails,” he said. “We’ll leave it up to the Lord.

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When the club did finally open the club garnered some attention for its multi-story layout. Comments on Foursquare centered on the expense of the Hustler Club compared to similar strip joints.

This place is gorgeous inside. They have the best jumbo shrimp I have ever had. Check out the Vegas room (my favorite)and make sure to bring extra cash as this establishment can be a little pricey


Honestly, this is not my thing. Went here with a bachelor party. I will say it was cleaner than I thought it would be. Definitely an anything goes policy though. You'll never touch a $1 bill again.

Flynt had other Hustler Clubs in cities like Baltimore and Cleveland.

A gentleman's club remains at the Lincoln Park location off of Outer Drive. Today it's known as Dream Girls.

Video Tour of the Former Hustler Club in Detroit

Here's what the Hustler Club looked like in 2015. Note, this video may contain some mild NSFW images, but nothing graphic as it adheres to YouTube's content standards.

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