The future has been uncertain for some time now, is this the last straw? Mug? Bottle?

Need an excuse to have a few beers this weekend? Here it is. At 10:44 am on September 13, Arcadia Brewing Company posted a 75% off bottled beer special.

In December of 2018, founder Tim Surprise managed to postpone imminent foreclosure of Arcadia Ales' Kalamazoo property, and vowed to continue to "be an integral part of the community here in Kalamazoo, but be positioned to thrive and more fully fulfill our potential in the spheres of beer, food and hospitality."

Does this Facebook offer mean they are throwing in the towel? Is this the 'fire sale,' the last chance to mile any monies out of the business that may be left? NO public statement has been made and this is pure speculation, but a 75% off deal certainly raises eyebrows.

You know what fuels a good conversation? A couple of cold ones. Take advantage of the weekend deal and postulate and prognosticate all you want about the future of the Kalamazoo beer scene. There have been plenty of changes lately and more to come, we're sure of that.

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