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America's Sweetheart Lea Thompson took some time off from behind the camera of directing The Goldbergs to make her cameo mark on the hit ABC show alongside other 80s stars. Thompson returns as Formica Fran, the wife of Murray's business rival and longtime nemesis Formica Mike, played by Richard Kind. Lea Thompson will join Mike McKelly and Stefani Bishop on the Rocker Morning Show just after 7:00, Wednesday, April 15th to talk about her return to The Goldbergs, how she's handling isolation recommendations with family and friends, and the differences between being on set as an actress and director. The Goldbergs airs Wednesdays at 8:00pm on ABC, but if you miss it, you can always catch the latest episodes on Hulu.

Don't miss the exclusive Rocker Morning Show interview with Lea Thompson just after 7:00, Wednesday, April 15th.

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