Leaving a pet inside a car is something we've all done at one point or another, but did you know that leaving a pet inside of a hot car could land you in Prison in Michigan? Sgt. Joel Roon of the Kent County Sheriff’s Office had an interview with WZZM and indicated that the death of an animal could put you away for more than a few years.

It's always important to note that if you leave the A/C on, there can always be an issue that comes up with vehicles that could change the comfort level in the car. If you truly love your animal you'll either leave them at home or make sure someone in the car stays with them to make sure they're okay. As Sgt. Roon indicated it's not worth spending years in prison over:

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It can—depending on circumstances—be as low as a 93-day misdemeanor, but all the way up to a four-year felony if the animal dies. We actually never recommend leaving your pet in the car. There are always unforeseen circumstances. You may think you're going to be gone a couple of minutes, but next thing you know you're gone for 30 and the temperature's spiked to a point where it's not survivable for that pet.


How Fast Does It Get Dangerous  For Them?

Apparently, during a test, the internal temperature of a car can go from 68 degrees Fahrenheit to 108 in just 10 minutes.

Don't be a terrible pet owner and do this to your pet. If you notice a potentially dangerous situation involving a pet in a hot car, it's not suggested you break the window. Police urge you to contact them immediately and take down the plate number, as you don't wanna risk further injury.

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