Yes, I know it's April Fools Day. But if you think about it, the Detroit Lions being on HBO's Hard Knocks could be a lot of fun.

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The host of Good Morning Football on NFL Network, Kyle Brandt tweeted this 'teaser' of the Detroit Lions' upcoming appearance on Hard Knocks.

If it reminds you of the Pure Michigan parody videos, it should. But it also makes you realize that this seriously could be a coming-out party for Lions coach Dan Campbell. He's a character and television loves characters. And the clips used are from actual press conferences.

"I learned how to clean chicken, and I can do it blind, over and over, and I'll never do it again." That's Campbell at his regular presser. America will eat that kind of stuff up.

The rest of it is pure football cliches. "A team in a playoff drought hopes to make it rain again." And a few digs. "While the competition throws big bucks at stars, the Lions go to Star...bucks." And then cutting to Campbell talking about coffee. "Two venti off the pipe and two shots in them, so blackeye in both." it's pure Campbell. "Salary caps to knee caps. No-caf." He's going to be a star after this.

Again, Campbell: "But we're headed to the Caribbean. You can see. I can see it. It's not always easy to see, long way to go. We're heading there."

All the Lions have to do now is win, or this becomes a sad joke.

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