In an attempt to draw attention to a product companies will often give endorsement opportunities to musicians and athletes alike. The star power is pretty much put there to get you to remember to use a product regularly. It’s the entire idea behind Peyton Manning and Nationwide.

There have been a lot of famous athlete endorsements over the years, but one of the most recent ones is kind of confusing. Wide receiver for the Minnesota Vikings Justin Jefferson is the most recent person to do an endorsement for the Detroit-based Little Caesars Pizza.

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Minnesota Vikings Justin Jefferson Little Caesars Commercial

In a new commercial, a young child wishes he was Justin Jefferson while watching football with his dad and then it cuts to Justin Jefferson signing autographs, saying he wishes he was eating Little Caesars pizza. The roles are then reversed so Justin Jefferson is the kid sitting with his dad, watching the kid play in an NFL game.

Why Not The Lions?

It’s a funny commercial, but it does beg the question, why is Justin Jefferson getting the endorsement? The Detroit Lions are having an unbelievable season and are on the verge of clenching their division, to solidify a spot in the playoffs.

It seems like you would want to give an endorsement to your hometown team, not a division rival. Does anybody else find it weird Little Caesars is backing Minnesota? I understand that the company has expanded to Minnesota, but with all of the competition in Michigan, and being a hometown team, you'd think their allegiance would be with the Lions.

Detroit Lions Logos Through The Years

Gallery Credit: Wikipedia/Canva

Detroit Lions Thanksgiving Day Game From 1999

The Lions were then led by Bobby Ross and saw scoring touchdowns by Germane Crowell in the first quarter, then Greg Hill and Johnny Morton in the second quarter, which would prove to be enough by the end of the 4th. The game was a sell-out of 77,905, which is not unusual for these games.

Gallery Credit: Leanne Shaw Truckey




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