It turns out another Kalamazoo area fast food restaurant has had to close down and this time, the Long John Silvers On W. Main In Kalamazoo will close for what a "Condemned" sign says for weeks, but they may not operate again even after the building is safe to operate in. Earlier in the year, we saw an abrupt close to the McDonald's on Riverview in Kalamazoo, but this closure may be due to a fire that occurred inside a few months back, according to a post on Vanished Kalamazoo:

The West Main location had a fire a couple of months ago and they were hoping to re-open. But we talked to a guy working in the back of the building a couple of weeks ago and said that unfortunately, they would not be able to open it again. The Westnedge location did close over a year ago.-Mary D.
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One person who ate there before the closure had words about another reason they feel led to the closure, which was the product quality:
No offense but we went there in Feb or March and the food was way overpriced for the quality and the new smaller portions. I mean back in the day it had good-sized portions a the taste was awesome. The bottom line is they started cutting corners so it was simply no longer a good quality meal for the price, especially when for the same price you can get much better food.
We'll have to wait and see if they return after the building is up to code, or if a new spot will take over.

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