UPDATE: Since the publishing of this article, the video he uploaded, was deleted, which is odd considering he claims he was looking for women with big "A...pplications and big t--raining experience. Just when you think you’ve seen it all on an apparent manager from a local Mexican restaurant in Battle Creek says he is looking to hire girls with big asses and big boobs only.

A video uploaded to the Los Azteca's Bar & Grill in Battle Creek‘s TikTok account from someone claiming to be the manager says he needs servers with "big ah and big t--" to apply it to his job. That's right, because doing that is totally illegal...
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Is Someone Gonna Tell Him?

Not only is Sexual Discrimination highly illegal and could possibly face a major lawsuit and lose his job, but on top of it but this is just incredibly in bad taste. But don’t worry because even if you don’t have either of those two things, he is also apparently excepting women with big feet according to a comment in the comment section of the video.
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He doesn’t seem too bothered by the whole thing either as one person made a comment about possible applicants to the job:
In my opinion, any girl that would go apply for a job at this place with this man must not value themselves very highly.
His response didn't seem to show much regret:
Is [sic] special place they will make more then w you make.
There are already a bunch of people in the comment section saying they'll be taking their service to other places because of this video.
He then tried making a video saying that when he said he was "looking for girls with big Ah & big T-" he meant Application and Training, which makes no sense at all, having made a reference to "hot girls" in the original video.

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