Ever hear of Marquette Monthly magazine? If you’re not a Yooper, chances are you haven’t. But for those of you who have, you might be interested to know that the magazine's headquarters has its very own haunting.

An old two-story house that was built in the 1930s is home to Marquette Monthly magazine…but before that, the upstairs area was used as a printing office that supplied time cards and other paper necessities to nearby train stations.

As for the haunting…
The office’s first printing press worker was a girl named Beth Ann. It was natural that she took this job, since she & her husband lived in the top floor. Printing may not sound like a dangerous job, but there were definitely hazardous duties.

One particular day, Beth Ann was working a little too close to the card stock feeder. The sleeve of the shirt/blouse she was wearing got caught and the machine began inching her closer and closer to the letterpress. Her horrific, chilling screams for help went unheard, as she was all alone. Minutes later, her entire arm had been ripped out of its socket.

When her husband arrived home that night, he found Beth Ann on the floor, drenched in blood, with her arm missing.

Current employees of Marquette Monthly magazine claim to hear the disembodied bloodcurdling screams of Beth Ann, still hoping someone will hear her pleas for help and searching for her lost arm.

Next time you travel to Marquette, stop by 810 Third Street and ask them yourself.

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