The Civil Rights Movement was one of the most struggling times in our country's history when black Americans were fighting for equal treatment in the eradication of Jim Crow laws in the South. The struggle of the civil rights movement caused the murder of so many prolific figures who, to this day, reputation, preceded them.

Other than Martin Luther King Jr., the most well-known figure in the civil rights movement would be Malcolm X, who was murdered during a public assembly. But some may not know that he held his wedding reception dinner in Lansing Michigan at the home of Malcolm‘s older brother, Philbert Little. A look back at this decision and what led them to choose Lansing was commemorated on Facebook:

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Malcolm X Held Wedding Reception In Lansing, Michigan

 It was also the day Betty Shabazz received her nursing license. Their Wedding "Reception/Dinner" was at 408 S Butler Blvd-also in Lansing- at the home of Malcolm's older brother Philbert Little, who we noted was a 1940 graduate of Lansing Central HS, as well as one of the six surviving youths of that 1940 fatal two-car crash north of Jackson, MI.

Is It The Same House They Were Married In?

Sadly, the house that sits at 408 S Butler in Lansing today is not the same home that Malcolm X held the ceremony in, as 408 S Butler was razed over two generations ago. However, there is a home on the property there on the site today.

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