Tim Lindquist was a bright 15-year-old kid, who maybe at the time appreciated his city at an age where we seem to be the most rebellious and not interested in much besides games, sports, and girls. But when he was 15 he decided to flick on his video recorder and recorded a short clip of driving through Marquette in the Upper Peninsula up Front St. back in 1971.

This footage was shot 52 years ago and somehow has stood the test of time and maintains pretty good quality considering the technology that was available back then. The video, which only lasts roughly 22 seconds, brought back memories of when times were a bit harder for some:

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I remember those days, we came to Mqt in 1976, husband retired from Navy with 22yrs, was homeless for 7 months until we found a house, had to remodel it . bedrooms only 7ft barely able to get a twin bed in there.

For others, it was a great blast from the past and took them right back to when they lived there at that time:

AMAZING!!! wow, what footage! Thank you so much for this Tim it is really so comforting that I can visit Marquette virtually thanks to you ! . I was born there and lived there until 1973…used to walk up Front quite often with my two sisters. we wandered around town and always felt safe… I was there three weeks ago and found that while many parts have changed, my neighborhood, which was Third and West Magnetic and Front up to Parkview Elementary, really hadn’t changed much gratefully There’s no place like Marquette, Michigan

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