There's a native of Battle Creek who now lives in Arizona and is making it his mission to give back to the community through love and religion. Matt Maddix is the owner and operator of Maddix Publishing and Jesus Mission and he most recently did a major act of charity to those less fortunate in Battle Creek.

On Monday, July 10th he purchased 45 Large pizzas from Little Ceasars and handed them out to the houseless community in Battle Creek. On top of that, according to the person who made the public aware of the act of kindness, even tipped the workers who made the food:

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Shout out to the gentleman at Little Caesars on Capital who just purchased approximately 45 pizzas for the homeless. Taking all the employees' cash apps to tip them all.

Well Deserved Love

As you can imagine, so many people showed this man the love and appreciation something like this deserves:

Your uncle is a blessing I know a lot of homeless people personally they really do have big hearts when you really get to know them. God bless you and your family and again thank your uncle for his act of kindness.

There were also those who know and remember Matt from his Battle Creek Days:

I believe he has a book. I graduated with him. Very sweet guy. Had a rough going in school and then got heavy into religion to help him and everything spiraled from there. His son who is in his late teens maybe early 20s, I can't remember has written a couple of books and is a motivational speaker as well.

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